Sunday, October 2, 2022


 The wind is kicking up outside and it should rain soon, I think. Something that is blowing around is irritating my eyes. Or maybe I'm tired. Or both. 

Dave and I went out to the casita this morning (-ish--we were very late in getting started and had to make a stop at Starbucks on the way). While Dave scrubbed the kitchen floor, I worked on getting rid of stuff on the patio. 

I had some things to sort through, including a large tin of beads and beading material that belonged to my uncle. He died almost 25 years ago and my aunt had some of his things that she passed on to me several years ago. They've been living on the patio since then but today I went through them carefully and kept what I have a chance of using. I also sorted through my "head buckets"; I have three 5-gallon buckets of plaster casts of faces of my friends and family (from my mask-making days, twenty years ago) that have been living on the patio for about eight years, since we moved out of the old studio. The plastic buckets had disintegrated so I had to transfer them to new buckets to move them to the new house. I took the opportunity to get rid of some faces, friends who are gone from my life and my former stepfather. 

In the course of doing these things, I filled up three very large garbage bags of stuff that will have to be taken to the dump in the next week or so. 

We came home via a home center where we picked up a new mop and mop bucket and also via a fast food place where I got a grilled chicken sandwich and Dave got a veggie burger and we also got fries and onion rings to share. 

After our very late lunch, Dave went off with the dog to visit his mother. (They just got home.) While they were gone I called and talked to my friend Judi. We talked a bit about what's going on in Florida where her two step-daughters live. (They are nowhere near the hurricane-damaged areas.) When we got off the phone I had a snack and then unpacked some books (the book carton unpacking is never ending--though I am at an end of the available shelf space until we move more bookshelves from the garage into the house). 

I scrubbed a toilet. I watched some youtube videos. Just did...stuff. 


It is raining now, though not much. There are also fireworks going on at the balloon fiesta park. There is no thunder but the booms from the fireworks are making the dog--who is afraid of thunder--very nervous.

We had a light dinner--salads--and watched a bit of Men in Black III while we did. It's a mindless movie, nothing serious, about all that we were up to. I loaded the dishwasher after since Dave had done all the salad prep work. Now we're just puttering around, waiting for bedtime to roll around. I think I'll go get in my pajamas.

I won't sleep for a long time. I've been waking up recently with my heart pounding, my heart rate elevated. It's been happening throughout the night and even during the day if I take a nap.  It's probably stress or anxiety or hormones, but it freaks me out. Makes me more anxious about sleeping. I switched my meds around to see if that would help and last night, before bed, I had some calcium-magnesium drink. Something helped anyway, since it only happened once last night, very minorly. I hope my luck holds.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

This Past Week

I look far too serious, don't I? I was here:

If that gives you any idea of why I look so serious. That was my afternoon.  In the morning, we had our latest covid-19 boosters,  the omicron-specific ones. I have been doing Moderna but the place we went this morning only had Pfizer so that's what I got. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

I Haven't the Foggiest

The sight from the front windows a few days ago after a night of rain. 
This little fool drinking from the shower floor. 
The dog, feeling dejected for some reason. 

The casita bathroom. I'm going to really miss this little house. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


I wrote this about a week ago:
I spent the night at the new house for the first time ever night before last. That meant that this little guy spent the night alone, something he's only done a handful of times in the many years he's been living with us. The next day he was feeling very needy and spent a lot of time on Dave's lap getting pet.
This is the look he gets in his face when he is very into getting belly rubs.
And this is today:
Gray Kitty and I have since moved to the new house. GK knows that he's living in a house with another animal--the dog that once belonged to Dave's mother who is now in an assisted living facility--but cat and dog have yet to come face to face. Right now they are separated by a pet gate draped with towels so that they can hear but not see each other. GK has a bedroom, office, and a bathroom to himself until he's ready to come out and share the rest of the house with the dog. Right now he's napping on the bed but he's still very much in "hiding under the bed" mode whenever the dog barks (which is rare; he's an elderly dog and very quiet but delivery trucks set him off). 

Behind me is a mountain of boxes that need to be unpacked. In front of me is a mountain of boxes that need to be unpacked. I unpacked five of them this morning, rescheduled a dentist appointment and reordered some medications. Dave unpacked a bit around his workday and he also made bread and started a load of dishes in the dishwasher. When I'm done here, I'll hand wash what can't go in the dishwasher. Then I'll get back to unpacking.  

The empty room from the last entry now has a bed in it and a small bookshelf that is being used as a nightstand. It also has a large room divider that is destined to be a quilt design wall (I haven't sewn in a long, long time seems like) but which is now placed in front of a large, sunny window to act as privacy curtains until actual curtains can be acquired and hung. I don't know why we need privacy curtains except as a habit that's hard to break; the window looks onto a large courtyard with a six foot tall fence around it and our neighbors are not very close to us at all. The only things that could possibly look in the window are the hummingbirds that visit the feeder that hangs from the pergola. 

We're all in the same house again, the three of us plus the new-old dog, but we're by no means finished with the casita. Yesterday we moved more boxes (there is yet more, the last of the things that were in use up to the last second), emptied the freezer, and started cleaning. Today we'll empty the fridge, possibly bring the indoor plants, and continue cleaning. Then it will be a matter of bringing the things from the patio, the outdoor plants, the bistro table and chairs. We'll have to call to have some large furniture picked up for disposal next week and after that's done we'll still have to move three bookshelves, a desk, washing machine, and table

I look at how the things we had in a 500 square foot casita are expanding to fill a 2000+ square foot house and it is mind boggling. I am a genius packer of suitcases for travel--I can pack any amount of clothing and toiletries into the smallest suitcase--but I hadn't quite thought those skills also translated into packing possessions into houses. (I guess I had some inkling when the first thing we packed and moved out of the casita was 28 cartons of books--and those were not all the books, not by a long shot. We've moved many more cartons since.) We originally ordered eighty small and medium moving boxes and we used every one in addition to the boxes we saved from Amazon, Target and Chewy shipments. After we unpacked the boxes at the house, we brought them back to the casita be used again. I would guess we've moved over a hundred boxes (mostly Dave has moved over a hundred boxes to be honest). That doesn't include the things we've moved that didn't go into boxes, like office chairs and shopping bags of things and my sewing machines and the two carts of art supplies and my fabric stash already in its own storage and the 12x12 inch bins with more art supplies and CDs and old school notes and the storage footstools that had yet more art and office supplies. . . 

I mean, how? How did we have that much stuff in such a small space? How? It was two months of moving things (very slowly moving things) before the first corner of the casita appeared (after moving a small set of shelves that held our shoes near the front door). That was exciting. Now I can see all the casita corners (except the one behind the fridge). It's sad.

I'm stalling on the dish washing, clearly. I'm going to wrap this up, swallow the last, cold dregs of coffee in my cup and get moving.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

New House Stuff

We don't really have a place to eat inside, not really, but we do have two nice patios. This one has a table and chairs so we've been eating all our meals out there.  The mass of plants cover up a "water feature" that consists of a pond and small "river" with fish and at least one frog. We get lots of dragonflies and birds who use the pond as a drinking source as well. 
That's the room with nothing in it yet. 
This is the room with almost everything in it, including an old couch that is on the way out.

We have about four times the space now, but nothing to put in it besides lots of books and pottery. We moved close to 30 cartons of books out of our little casita (and have unpacked five of them). The pantry is mostly stocked and the kitchen is set up enough to cook meals at least. 

The move has taken 2 1/2 months so far and I would say we're about 60% done. Though the casita is starting to look like we're moving out and not just having a massive decluttering spree.